What’s up

What’s up 12/16/2018

We will have our regular Sunday School and then our Christmas Program. After the program we will have a meal and fellowship then a service.


What’s up 11/11/2018

Our pot luck will be the second Sunday instead of the third because of proximity with Thanksgiving

Veterans day “Thank you for Your Service”

Boxes need to be in for Christmas child program


What’s up 10/21/2018

The children from the Sunday school have been saving their pennies in a water jug for missions. This week they cashed in their pennies for a total of $148.27 to give for food in Haiti. YEAH GO KIDS!!!

What’s up 10/14/2018

I’ve been trying to add our sermons and possibly some news/what’s up to our RSS feed. So if you want to keep up with the latest subscribe to our RSS.


What’s up 8/3/2018

Pastor Leonard Eastman has announced that he is retiring. It has been decided that his son Thomas Eastman with take his place. Tom was chosen by the pastor and the MEA board. Pastor Leonard Eastman will be moving to the camp ground to continue his role as President of MEA.

Pastor Leonard Eastman founded the Kane Revival Center and has served as it’s pastor for 58 years. and served on the MEA board and is the currently the President.

Welcome our new Pastor Eastman : ) Tom.

Pastor Tom Eastman has served as a missionary in the Dominic Republic and currently serves on The MEA missions board. Tom has ministered for many years filling in for various pastor when they were away. Tom also has been teaching the adult Sunday school class and Wednesday night bible study.

What’s up 6/10/2018

We are looking for a contractor to do some repairs to the church. The brick work at the top of the building need some TLC.