We pray you will be blessed by the sermons from various speakers in our church.

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09-17-23 Brother Kyle Not many are chosen        FB

09-17-23 Pastor Eastman intimidation        FB

.09-10-23 Pastor Eastman Oil of gladness       FB

09-10-23 Pastor Eastman Waiting on the Lord       FB

09-03-23 Brother Kyle The sea of uncertainty       FB

09-03-23 Brother Kyle Fighting formality        FB

08-27-23 Pastor Eastman God meets us      FB

08-27-23 Pastor Eastman God wants all of you        FB

08-13-23 Brother Eric Talking to God       FB

08-13-23 Pastor Eastman The Stone the builders rejected        FB

08-13-23 Brother Kyle The Crucifixion         FB

08-13-23 Brother Kyle be prepared          FB

08-06-23 Pastor Eastman Determination          FB

08-06-23 Pastor Eastman God wants to bless        FB

07-30-23 Pastor Eastman Seek the Lord        FB

07-30-23 Pastor Eastman your relationship with Jesus       FB

07-23-23 Pastor Eastman Come to Jesus        FB

07-23-23 Pastor Eastman A zeal and passion        FB

07-16-23 Brother Kyle Standing in Gods strength        FB

07-16-23 Pastor Eastman We are to serve         FB

07-05-23 Brother Eric Trust and obey         FB

07-02-23 Pastor Eastman Be a doer        FB    Mixler

07-01-23 Brother Kyle Stand up        FB

06-25-23 Brother Kyle Get in the house        FB

06-25-23 Brother Kyle Is He worth it         FB

06-18-23 Brother Eric Destroy sin       FB

06-11-23 Brother Eric The woman caught in adultery         FB

06-11-23 Bro Todd Stand in the gap         FB

06-04-23 Brother Kyle Seek God       FB

06-04-23 Sister Sarah Be filled with God       FB

05-28-23 Pastor Eastman Pentecost       FB

05-21-23 Bro Todd Having a form of Godliness        FB

05-21-23 Pastor Eastman Wait and receive        FB

05-07-23 Pastor Eastman Occupy till I come      

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04-30-23 Pastor Eastman How strait       FB

04-30-23 Pastor Eastman Why      FB

04-23-23 Pastor Eastman Be on guard      FB

04-23-23 Pastor Eastman Being misunderstood        FB

04-11-22 Brother Kyle Fixate on Jesus      FB

04-16-23 Pastor Eastman How is your hearing      FB

04-09-23 Pastor Eastman Easter       FB

04-09-23 Sister Eastman Honey

04-02-23 Pastor Eastman choose you      FB

04-02-23 Pastor Eastman The date palm      FB

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03-26-2023 Pastor Eastman Encourage yourself       FB

03-26-23 Pastor Eastman examine yourself          FB

03-19-23 Eric Eastman Sick and Tired       FB

03-19-23-Pastor-Eastman-Ye-are-the-salt-of-the-earth      FB

03-12-2023 Brandon Wombles Lets finish     FB

03-12-2023 Brandon Wombles Feeling alone      FB

03-11-2023 Brandon Wombles The fire       FB

03-10-2023 Brandon Wombles He has the power       FB

03-05-23 Pastor Eastman What seek ye    FB

03-05-23 Pastor Eastman Are you neglecting Gods house     FB

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02-26-23 Pastor Eastman God is able      FB

02-26-23 Pastor Eastman Are you ready for the trip      FB

02-19-23 Kyle Oakes Stand your Ground      FB

02-19-23 Pastor Eastman Misfits     FB

02-12-23 Pastor Eastman Armour of God      FB

02-12-23 Pastor Eastman its time      FB

02-05-23 Ryan Lewis Guyana     FB

02-05-23 Pastor Eastmam Take the stone away    FB

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01-29-23 Pastor Eastman Distractions      FB

01-29-23 Pastor Eastman lost       FB

01-22-23 Pastor Eastman Know Do you limit God      FB

01-22-23 Pastor Eastman Stay awake      FB

01-15-2023 Brother Eric Eastman Complacency     FB

01-15-23 Pastor Eastman Forget the past      FB

01-08-22 Pastor Eastman complacency     FB

01-08-22 Pastor Eastman Fasting     FB

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Christmas Program       FB

12-18-22 Pastor Eastman Our God     FB

12-11-22 Bro Todd We have something to do     FB

12-11-22 Pastor Eastman How to be a winner       FB

12-04-22 Pastor Eastman The wise men      FB

12-04-22 Pastor Eastman God is our help      FB

12-02-22 Fellowship      FB

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11-27-22 Pastor Eastman Know Blessed of God    FB

11-27-22 Pastor Eastman Seek God        FB

11-20-22 Pastor Eastman Know Be thankful      FB

11-20-22 Pastor Eastman The voice of God     FB

11-13-22-Pastor Eastman Grace and Mercy      FB

11-13-22 Pastor Eastman The coming of the Lord     FB

11-04-22 Pastor Eastman The is a river       FB

 11-04-22 Pastor Eastman persecution     FB

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10-30-22 Group that went to Dominic       FB

10-30-22 Pastor Eastman test you faith     FB

10-23-22 Pastor Eastman Know your heart      FB

10-23-2022 Pastor emotions of Jesus       FB

10-16-22 Pastor Eastman Jonah       FB

10-16-22 Pastor Eastman Perfect peace     FB

10-09-22 Pastor Eastman Stay your mind on God        FB

10-02–22 Pastor Eastman steadfast          FB

10-02-22 Gideons      FB

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09-25-22 Pastor Eastman Don’t be that guy       FB

09-25-22 Pastor Eastman God is for us     FB     

09-18-22 Pastor Eastman An encounter Jesus          FB

09-11-22 Kyle How big is your God         FB

07-11-22 Pastor Eastman What is you message         FB

09-04-22 Pastor Eastman Let God stir you        FB

09-04-22 Pastor Eastman plow the fallow ground       FB

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08-31-22 Pastor Eastman Contending for the faith       FB

08-28-22 Pastor Eastman Set you mind         FB

08-21-2022 Brother Kyle Oakes Let them see Jesus       FB

08-21-22 Pastor Eastman Making of no-effect        FB


08-07-22 Pastor Eastman In that secret place        FB

08-14-22 Pastor Eastman A working faith        FB

08-07-22 Pastor Eastman In that secret place       FB

08-07-22 Pastor Eastman That I may know Him          FB

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07-31-2022 Brother Kyle Oakes God can use us         FB

07-24-22 Pastor Eastman Contend for the faith        FB

07-24-22 Pastor Eastman occupy till I come     FB

07-17-22 Pastor Eastman Answer the call       FB

07-17-22 Brother Vitelio Update      FB

07-10-22 Pastor Eastman Reaching out to God       FB

07-09-22 Brother Eric Deeper      FB

Camp morning teaching Brother James Hawk  7-4 A sound foundation7-5 Repent7-6 Faith toward God,  

7-7 Baptism7-8 The laying on of hands7-9 Resurrection & Judgment

07-05-2022 Brother Kyle Oakes I will not settle     FB

2022 missions      FB

07-03-22 Pastor Eastman Are you self-sufficient     FB

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06-26-2022 Brother Kyle Oakes A fleshly heart      FB

06-26-22 Pastor Eastman Times of refreshing        FB

06-17-22 Pastor Eastman Be in the word        FB

06-19-22 Pastor Eastman Fathers      FB

06-12-22 Brother Eric A life line       FB

06-11-22 Pastor Eastman When Jesus comes by       FB

06-05-22 Pastor Eastman God is Faithful      FB

06-05-22 Brother Brady Spiritual warfare      FB

06- 04 -22 Brother Brady Set Down      FB